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RV Bedding Made Easy With This Comfortable Upgrade - Zipper Bedding

Beddy's bedding

If you own an RV you are probably no stranger to the difficulties in making the bed. The tight spaces and sometimes slide-outs make every morning an exhausting task. My RV bed sits three feet inside of a slide-out which makes the chore very difficult. That is until I purchased a bedding set from a company called Beddy's (bed ease).

beddys bedding

Included in the Queen set was a bottom fitted sheet with sides to match the top blanket, a top blanket with an attached soft top sheet, two pillow cases, and two pillow shams. What is so unique is that the top part attaches to the bottom fitted sheet with zippers. The bottom part is put on exactly as you would put a fitted sheet on any bed.

beddys bedding naturally boho

Where this product shines is the top part. When making the bed you simply pull the zippers to the top. No more climbing all over the bed trying to be a contortionist while trying to tuck in sheets and blankets. It comes in many patterns and colors and the company will send out samples to help you make a decision. I now make the bed in just a minute or two with no aggravation.

Most designs come in their cotton lined blanket or what they call Minky lined blanket. This refers to the underside of the blanket that acts as a top sheet. I chose Minky and it is soft and a pleasure to sleep under. Overall this is a well made and very comfortable solution to bedding as we have known it.

Watch the video below to see how the Beddy's is put on an RV bed

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Beddy's Bedding can be found on their website at

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