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RV Wall Makeover – Faux Wood Panels – Peel and Stick – How To and Review

Faux Wood Panels

Decorating your RV is what we all do to "make it our own." Most RVs to are very plain, bland and let's face it kind of cold in appearance. The walls in my RV are no different. They have a neutral beige vinyl wallpaper throughout the rig. Needless to say It looks like an office more than the cozy RV it should be.

rv wall

The wall near the entry door was the biggest eye sore in my opinion. I hated it. Every time I walked in the RV this plain wall was the first thing I saw. I looked at this wall for over a year before I found what became the perfect solution. I found a product by DCWV called Faux Wood Panels at Hobby Lobby. These are 4''x24'' vinyl peel and stick panels that look like wood. The package includes several different colors so you can mix and match to suit your taste. I also found a similar product on Amazon called RoomMates Barn Wood Plank Peel and Stick Wall Decals but it is one large peel and stick panel that measures 17''x36''.

peel and stick panels

I chose the Hobby Lobby Product. I wanted the greater customization ability that the Hobby Lobby Product offered over the Amazon product. The peel and stick sticks to the wall but you can pull it off and reposition it multiple times and it still sticks to the wall. In addition, you can remove it from the wall and it leaves no residue or damage to the wall.

install faux wood panel

Patience is the key to getting a great looking finished product. The panel seams can butt up to each other or overlap. If you have ever hung wallpaper this will be a breeze. I am a perfectionist and the wall took me approximately two hours. That included many light switches and wall obstacles to trim around.

rv wall makeover

The look transformation was dramatic to say the least.

The wall has now become a beautiful accent wall that catches your eye immediately.

rv wall faux wood panels

I could not be happier with how it turned out. I liked it so much I also did the small wall area behind the kitchen counter. You can see the final look and a short video below. I have listed the links to Hobby Lobby and also Amazon if you prefer a larger sheet in lieu of the small single panels.

hobby lobby faux wood panels

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