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SeaFlo RV Accumulator Tank

SeaFlo RV Accumulator Tank

RV accumulator tanks have been around awhile. They are installed in RV's to aid the water pump. The accumulator tank is designed to reduce pump cycling, smooth water pulsing, reduce plumbing system noise, save battery power, and even increase the life of the pump. These RV accumulator pumps are small, coming in at about .2 of a gallon in capacity. So they do work but they don't really have water holding capacity.

1/2" hose connectors

The Seaflo Accumulator Tank comes with two 1/2" coupler fittings. This lets you attach 1/2" hose to the coupler then the coupler to the accumulator.

1/2" braided vinyl tubing

Now You can use several types of hose or Pex to aid in the install. I purchased some food grade 1/2" I.D. braided vinyl tubing that has a pressure testing to 210 P.S.I. It's easy to work with, is very flexible and requires no special tools to clamp.

hose clamps

In addition you will need some hose clamps. Since I was using braided vinyl tubing I used some simple worm gear clamps.

SeaFlo RV Accumulator Tank

The install is not difficult. The accumulator tank is installed on the pressure side of the RVs water pump. The great part is it can be installed anywhere in the RV, it does not need to be where the pump is located. It did stop my RV water pump from 'hammering' when using the faucet on low.

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