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Secure-Fill Hands Free RV Fresh Water Fill

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If you're like me filling the RVs gravity fed fresh water tank can be a painful and aggravating experience. First thing I did was check the fresh water vent tube. Yes, it did have a kink in it. Once I fixed the kink it did allow more air to escape when filling the fresh water tank but it was still an annoying process with water backing up. I discovered this cool little gadget which is really quite basic.

RV Secure-Fill

The Secure-Fill is a brass 45 degree fitting, with an on/off lever, that attaches to your water hose. The brass fitting is attached to a vented cap that screws on to the RVs water fill inlet.

install Secure-Fill

Connected to the vented cap is a short clear vinyl tube that gets inserted into the water inlet.

turn on Secure-Fill

After attaching the Secure-Fill you can adjust water flow with the on/off lever.

Secure-Fill Fresh Water Fill

The filling process time was shortened considerably in my RV. In addition it was a no mess process. This took a usually hated chore and made it an easy task that I no longer give a second thought to. A worth the price gadget for sure.

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