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SetPower RV45S Portable 12 Volt Refrigerator Freezer for RV, Overlanding, camping, and more

SetPower RV45s Refrigerator Cooler

If you use an ice cooler for camping, RVing, Overlanding, picnics, etc. a 12-volt refrigerator may be a worthwhile investment. I recently switched from a traditional ice cooler to the SetPower RV45S 12-volt refrigerator freezer. I am sorry it took me so long. Everything about using the SetPower has been a better experience. The biggest advantage of course is no more ice purchases or wet food. The SetPower is very convenient and can maintain a temperature from 0 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

SetPower RV45s Refrigerator Cooler

The SetPower RV45S is a single zone unit. Which means the entire inside is one temperature. They do offer dual-zone units which will allow both refrigeration and freezing zones at the same time. I prefer the extra space I get with the single zone. It is very energy efficient and will run on most 12-volt sources including most portable power stations such as a Bluetti. In addition to an 8-foot 12-volt cord, they also include a 120v power brick. This allows me to run the unit on a typical household current when available.

SetPower RV45s Refrigerator Cooler

What attracted me to the RV45S is that it has an old-school feel and look. The body is aluminum with steel handles and locking clasps. The top is ABS plastic with a foam seal. It weighs about 46 pounds empty which is not as heavy as I expected. The dimensions are approximately 27 inches in length x 16 inches deep and just under 19 inches high. There is a LED light that is plenty bright and comes on when the lid is opened. It also comes with two coated baskets that fit inside. This is great for getting food that inevitably hides at the bottom.

SetPower RV45s Refrigerator Cooler

The control board is about as simple as can be when it comes to a 12-volt refrigerator. There are no menus to scroll through. Everything is on the control panel and can be viewed at the same time. The temperature is clearly lit up at all times with up and down arrows to make adjustments. Below the temperature adjustments is the compressor speed. It offers MAX and ECO. The MAX is for fast cooling and the ECO is the primary mode used to maintain the temperature with minimal power needed. It even includes battery protection that will shut the unit down if the battery powering the unit falls too low. The user can choose between High, Med., or Low which designates what voltage of the battery will cause the shut-off to be triggered. When the battery is recharged the unit will restart. The On/Off button needs to be held for three seconds to turn the unit on or off so no accidental bumps will turn the unit off. What I consider the best feature of the control board is it has a memory. If you lose power, the unit becomes unplugged, etc. when you restore power to the unit will remember all the settings and start right back up.

This unit also has two accessories that can be purchased. The first is a slide-out mount tray that can be installed in an RV or van. The second is an insulated protective cover. This is great if the unit is sitting out exposed to the sun all day. Below is the User's Manual in PDF so you can read or print it if you wish. It includes some good information not included in this article. The video below is my unboxing, look at the features, and my overall review of the SetPower RV45S. I have included links to the SetPower RV45S and several other models to help you see which unit may be right for you.

Watch the video below to see the SetPower RV45S

SetPower RV45s Refrigerator Cooler User manual

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