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Changing The RV Propane Regulator - RV Maintenance

mb sturgis rv propane lpg regulator

If you're like me the RV propane regulator never crosses your mind. Why should it, the propane works, so it must work. They do however wear out and at times fail at the worst moment. When the RV is not getting propane to the appliances the propane regulator is the first place to look. The regulator is the heart of the RV propane system. It lowers the pressure from the tank to a usable pressure for the RV appliances. I had a regulator failure when I needed the furnace during a freeze warning. The regulator was filled with oil which is caused from overfilling the LPG tank.

PTFE Gas Line Pipe Thread Tape

This is one of those items that I believe you should carry a spare. Finding the correct regulator in a pinch may prove harder than you think and ruin a trip. Regulators are not all equal and you will need to replace it with one of equal abilities. My RV uses a MB Sturgis capable of delivering 400,000 BTU's per hour. Changing it is fairly straight forward and can be accomplished with a few wrenches and some PTFE Gas Line Pipe Thread Tape. The tape is yellow and can be clearly seen in the photo. Just wrap the tape around the threads a few times and make the connection. Remember the vent on the regulator must be point downward.

camco propane 4 port tee extend-a-stay

My RV also has a Camco Propane 4 Port Tee. It allows me to connect an auxiliary LPG tank in case I run out of fuel. It even lets me connect a propane accessory to the RV propane system such as a BBQ Grill or fire pit. It goes in between the RV LPG tank and the regulator. It is an upgrade I use just about every time I am out in the RV.

camco gas leak detector spray

After all the connections are completed slowly turn the propane on. Now is when you check for any leaks at the connections. Spray each connection with soapy water or I like to use Camco Gas Leak Detector Spray. It comes in a convenient bottle and allows me to always have it in the RV to check any LPG fittings. After you spray it on the fittings look for any type of bubbles or foaming. Either of those results indicates a leak is present. Attempt to re-tighten and check again. It may be necessary to completely remove the connection and start over. Clean all the Gas Line Pipe Thread Tape off and put new tape on before re-connecting.

1/4in Inverted Stainless Braided RV Propane Hose, Type1 Connection

I also connected a two foot steel braided hose with ACME nut (type 1) to the Camco 4 Port Tee. This allows me to quickly hook up a spare 20 lb LPG tank when needed. If you're changing LPG hoses on your RV remember the colors of the ACME nuts indicate how many BTU's per hour can be delivered. Always replace the hoses with the same color your RV originally came with.

RV ASME tank

After confirming there were no leaks I re-installed the regulator cover. This is not something to be overlooked and the regulator should not be left uncovered. I keep the Camco Gas Leak Detector Spray in the cabinet that houses the ASME Propane tank so I always have it quickly available for use. Propane can be dangerous and should be respected. If you do not feel comfortable working with propane lines you should seek a professional to complete the task.

Watch the video below to see how I installed an RV regulator

camco 4 port tee extend-a-stay

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