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Keyless RV Entry Door Handle Lock For Your Motorhome - RVLock Install

rv lock install

I have wanted a keyless RV lock for the entry door of my RV for a while now. There are really only two main options for those of us with motorhomes. The first is Bauer from AP Products and the second is from RVLock. I decided on the RVLock Class C/A Keyless Entry Door Handle. My decision was based on reviews and the accessibility of parts should they ever be needed. These keyless locks are not cheap. The ability to repair it in lieu of replacing the entire lock if something were to go wrong was a big factor. I was able to get my lock on sale which also saved a few dollars. In the box comes the front and back handles of the lock, two keys, one wireless key fob, five screws, and an instruction card. I also purchased what is described as a Decal Sticker because my RV has full body paint. More on this later. The first step was to remove the existing lock from my RV. It easily unscrews using a number two Philips driver.

rv lock install

A test fit of the new RVLock was a little tight. I needed to lightly file the opening for a better fit. I only removed maybe a sixteenth of an inch of fiberglass from the door. It took only a minute with a small metal file. The new RVLock handle then fits perfectly in the door. As you can see in the picture most RV manufacturers do not remove the door lock when you choose the full-body paint option.

rvlock sticker install

This leaves an unpainted area on the door. Unfortunately, the new RVLock does not completely cover the unpainted areas. The solution is a Decal Sticker offered by RVLock. The Decal Sticker is about a quarter-inch larger than the RVock itself and covered the unpainted areas. After figuring out the precise placement I removed the backing and applied it on the RV. The sticker blends right in and can't really be noticed once the RVLock is installed.

rvlock install

I placed the front handle in from the outside being careful to fish the attached wire through the door hole. I then installed the two provided screws to the door strike plate into the lock to hold it in place. Attaching the back handle to the lock consisted of connecting the wire, lining up the two red paddles, and installing the three remaining screws. Once completed I checked if the lock would interfere with the screen door and it had no issues. The door closed and latched smoothly and no adjustment was necessary. If it does not close properly the strike plate on the door jam can be adjusted up or down to get the perfect fit. To test the lock you enter the default code 1-2-3-4 and lock. The RVLock will activate the deadbolt automatically and sound a loud confirmation tone.

rvlock programming

Programming the RVLock is very simple. You hold the number 8 key and press the lock key. You will hear a tone indicating the RVLock is in learning mode. You follow the instruction card and enter your new code. The new code replaces the default code. If you ever forget your code you can reset the lock back to factory settings from the back handle. Programming the key FOB is even easier. Press the FOB Learn button on the back handle and press the lock button on the key FOB. The RVLock allows you to disable the FOB. There is an ON/OFF switch on the back handle. The FOB will not work in the OFF position. This will come in handy if the FOB gets lost or you want to save battery life on the RVLock. The switch does not affect the RVLock from working as normal in any way.


The completed install looks clean. The Decal Sticker looks good although I would have preferred the sticker be a little larger. It covered the unpainted areas that were visible, but barely, and required exact placement. The confirmation tone is the most annoying sound you will hear. The good part though is it can be disabled. Pressing and holding the number one key will disable the RVLock sounds. Overall it feels very solid and well built. The front handle had a foam gasket which eliminated the need for any sealant. It replaced my original lock with only minor adjustments. I can now enjoy not carrying my keys.

Watch the video below to see how I installed the RVLock in my Motorhome

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