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RV Window Tint and Shade Film - Increase Privacy and Reduce Heat

RV Escape window

The master bed is at the rear of my RV. Due to the lack of space, the emergency escape window is in place of where the headboard would normally be. Instead there is a shade, yes it is that bad. This needed to be changed. I still want light to come through during the day but need privacy at night. The last thing I wanted was blackout window tint.

removing RV escape window

I found a window film that is soft white in color and has a pleasing appearance called Artscape Rice Paper. The install is pretty simple but trying to install it laying on the bed is no fun. Since this is an emergency window it can be easily removed from the RV by simply opening the window greater than 90 degrees. Once removed, the install became even easier.

installing window film tint

I cleaned the window first with window cleaner. Afterwards, I liberally applied a water solution with a few drops of baby shampoo to the entire window. This allows you to move the film into place. After placing the film onto the wet window I began to slowly squeegee the film removing the water. You want to go slow and remove all air bubbles. Finally I trimmed the edges.

Artscape Rice Paper Window Film

With the window reinstalled there is no longer a need to have the shade pulled. The new window film allows plenty of light in during the day but gives the privacy needed at night.

Watch the video below to see the install of the window film

RV thin slim shade

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