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Solar Power RV Security With Ring Video - Install And Review - RV Mods

Ring Doorbell with Solar Charger

A year or two ago I added a generic brand video doorbell to my RV. It worked out great for added security when away from the RV. I recently upgraded the video doorbell. I chose the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation. The main reason was due to the availability of an optional Ring Solar Charger 2nd Generation. The solar charger charges the batteries during sunlight. Depending on the amount of use of the doorbell this will keep the batteries charged but at a minimum decrease the times I would need to remove the unit to manually charge the batteries.

Ring Doorbell Solar Charger

I first mounted the Ring Solar Charger plate to the RV using some VHB tape. I have used this tape in the past and it holds securely with no need to screw into the RV. The Ring Doorbell then mounts to the solar charger. As per the instructions I mounted the doorbell four feet from the ground. The Ring Doorbell like most video doorbells requires WiFi in the RV. This is something my RV has whether connected to a WiFi source with an RV router or the use of a cellular hotspot.

Ring app video
Ring video view in daylight

What I found after upgrading to the Ring was this was worth the extra money. The picture quality is superb both day and night. Even in total darkness, the video is bright and clear. The Ring will notify my smartphone if it senses any movement and it also starts recording the activity.

Ring video view in total darkness

You can hear sound at the Ring and also initiate a two-way conversation if you desire. What I love most is the robust amount of settings. The Ring Doorbell can be fine-tuned to do exactly what you want it to.

The number of preferences are too numerous to list but a few are the ability to take snapshots at certain time intervals, adjust the zones which will trigger the motion activation, share access with other people, and even disregard any motion unless the trigger is an actual person. If you are in the market for a quality security camera for the RV this Ring fits the bill. For more information, the directions are below in PDF form. There are also links below for the Ring Doorbell and the Ring Solar Charger if you're interested in doing more research.

Watch the video below to see the Ring doorbell and solar charger.

Ring Doorbell Instructions PDF


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